Day #518: Little Nemo and the Roses Like Trees

"Little Nemo in Slumberland" dated May 30, 1926:

Transcript of Tweets by @LittleNemo1905 (DECEMBER 05, 2021):

None of this will be news to the Americans among us, but, as a Canadian, I learned quite a bit as a result of this strip. - 1/15

For starters, I wondered why this strip was being published in May… it seems to perfect for November and the idea of "Remembrance." - 2/15

Of course, when I searched the date, I was reminded of the US-holiday "Memorial Day." - 3/15

Now, prior to 1926 this holiday was called "Decoration Day." Before learning this, I thought that Flip's comment was about a Slumberland-specific holiday, not a real life one. That was interesting. - 4/15

What was *more* interesting, was that May 30, 1926 wasn't actually "Decoration Day!" It was the very first "Memorial Day," having been renamed that year. - 5/15

So, this strip is likely one of (maybe even *the* last) celebration of a day that no longer exists because on it's exact date of publication, the name was changed. - 6/15

Now, content/narrative wise, I think there is a lot to unpack here. - 7/15

First, all of the characters seem determined to honour the fallen soldiers. I wonder who these soldiers are? Are they Slumberlandians from some unspoken Slumberlandian war? Or are they celebrating real world heroes? - 8/15

Of interest, we learn that both Pill and Figures served at some point… again, we have no mention of "what" they served in and so I wonder if the insinuation is that they served in WWI or some other war. - 9/15

Though Impie is the first to cut his finger, he isn't the last; Pill and Figures also do. I appreciated Dr. Pill taking the time to examine Impie's finger to make sure it was ok. This was a uncharacteristically caring gesture. - 10/15

The most poignant moment of the strip, at least for me, comes in the penultimate panel when Flip chastises everyone for worrying about small wounds when the soldiers they were celebrating gave so much more. - 11/15

It wasn't a surprise coming from Flip; he always seems to know when seriousness is required over jokes, but I suppose I expected it more from Pill and Figures (who we'd just learned had served). - 12/15

For them to be among the chastised party was interesting and I'm not sure how to read it… is McCay intentionally downplaying their involvement in order to lift up the soldiers? I don't *think* so, but I'm not quire sure. - 13/15

Flip's age is certainly ambiguous, but I think he's generally accepted to be a generation younger than Pill and Figures, so for him to be educating here is a particularly meaningful choice. - 14/15

This is my reading of "Little Nemo in Slumberland" #518. What's yours? - 15/15