Day #480: The Fountain of Youth Returns

"Little Nemo in Slumberland" dated September 06, 1925:

Transcript of Tweets by @LittleNemo1905 (OCTOBER 24, 2021):

The Fountain of Youth was introduced to the world of #LittleNemo 12 years ago during #InTheLandofWonderfulDreams over at the NY American. - 1/10

This is a return to a similar concept and… honestly… it's pretty much a retread of what McCay has already done. - 2/10

Whether this is a second FoY or Morpheus found a way to harness the Youth Springs power into a more traditional fountain, very little of consequence actually happens here. - 3/10

The fact that Impie, Flip, Pill, and Figures, all drink from the fountain is an interesting parallel between the two pairs of friends (as much as Flip and Pill would like to suggest they're different, they're not really…). - 4/10

But, they really don't de-age so much as shrink. Sure, they seem to lose the ability to speak, but they don't look all that much like babies… - 5/10

That said, this feels very much like a strip that is setting up something to come… McCay's work has been founded upon continuity a lot more in the last couple weeks, so it's possible that this one too has something bigger up its sleeve. - 6/10

In truth, the strip just simply doesn't work as anything *other* than a set-up strip… I mean, aside from the four characters shrinking nothing happens and we're left to wonder what exactly the "Monster Baby Show" is… hopefully we'll find out soon. - 7/10

I'll just end by condemning Flip's opening comment in this strip… he has absolutely no idea how smart Impie might be because he can't speak his language. - 8/10

It also comes out of nowhere… it isn't like Impie is drinking the fountain water without Flip… if Impie is "dumb" for doing that, then so is Flip. It's an odd way to begin the strip, in my opinion. - 9/10

This is my reading of "Little Nemo in Slumberland" #480. What’s yours? - 10/10