Day #447: Little Nemo and the Triplet Confusion

"Little Nemo in Slumberland" dated January 25, 1925:

Transcript of Tweets by @LittleNemo1905 (SEPTEMBER 12, 2021):

One of Canemaker (2018, 3rd.) biggest frustrations with the revived #LittleNemo is that it abandons all continuity in order to tell disconnected vignette-like stories. - 1/15

We see that very evident here. Truthfully, this should've been a comment in yesterday's thread (which was also a disconnected vignette), but I didn't think about it for some reason until today. - 2/15

I think the last two strips *sort of* work in tandum? One is Flip sent flying to China (far away form the group) and the other involves Nemo knocking Flip out. - 3/15

I read both as an affirmation of Nemo's centrality in the narrative and a rebuke of the suggestion that Flip has taken that position over… - 4/15

And then today's strip came… and Nemo was pushed to the background so that Flip's adventure could be highlighted. - 5/15

I'm not sure that it negates the readings we discussed the past two days about the re-re-orientation of Nemo's centrality, but it complicates it a bit. - 6/15

Anyway, Flip is both back form China and recovered from Nemo's wicked sucker punch as he prepares himself to attend a Slumberlandian ball at the palace! - 7/15

He expresses to Nemo and the Princess that he'd like to dance and they encourage him to find a young lady on the dance floor and request one. - 8/15

Of course, the one he finds is a triplet… and though the first sister agrees to a dance, each of her other two sisters express uninterest in Flip because they don't know who he is! - 9/15

The Slumberlandian guard who seems to be patrolling the ball for purposes of manners-policing refuses to leave Flip alone… and with each successive discussion with one of the triplets, we inch ever closer to the climax. - 10/15

This does fit Flip's character arc… though he often tries to do well, he someone always finds himself in a situation that causes some sort of trouble. - 11/15

His personality as trickster and perpetual troublemaker seems to follow him even when he is trying to do his best. - 12/15

Of course, Impie is excluded from the proceedings (though, so is Slivvers; his chaperone) as usual… though he does use an opportune moment to run away from Slivvers to join the fun! - 13/15

The chaos created in the penultimate panel from the triplet revelation and Impie's breaking into the party is hectic, but creates quite a frenetic feeling to the end of the strip. - 14/15

This is my reading of "Little Nemo in Slumberland" #447. What's yours? - 15/15