Day #441: Little Nemo and the Christmas Elevator

"Little Nemo in Slumberland" dated December 14, 1924:

Transcript of Tweets by @LittleNemo1905 (SEPTEMBER 06, 2021):

This is a fairly generic Christmas strip… it features a rather traditional gridded layout (despite the potential of the elevator-slide) and Santa talk! - 1/15

Flip is quite pleased with himself throughout and acts as though he and Santa are best friends. Maybe this is for Slivvers benefit? I'm not sure… Impie and Nemo have both also met Santa Claus on numerous occasions throughout the years. - 2/15

That said, Nemo sort of acts a bit strange… almost as though he hasn't met Santa a dozen times already… Of course, Nemo is much more laid back than Flip, so it's possible he's just following along. - 3/15

I'm not 100% certain as to whether Santa intended the elevator to keep Flip busy (and Nemo accidentally got caught up in it) or whether the elevator was just there and Flip used it when ignoring the attendant Inuit helper. - 4/15

The Inuit attendant is dressed in a hooded parka and speaks a different language (I doubt that it is indeed a language and bet it's just made up words), so it's plausible that he was to bring the group to Santa and Flip, in his arrogance, chose to ignore him. - 5/15

He even says at one point that he wants to sock the attendant… but he didn't do anything wrong (other than potentially through inaction). - 6/15

I believe this was just a mistake on Flip's part, personally… Frankly, it emphasizes Flip's impulse to project his mistakes on others in an interesting way. He even wants to go after Santa himself at one point! - 7/15

A few other observations: Thankfully, all the boys (especially Impie) are dressed for the cold. The clothes he's wearing *look* like something that Flip might wear… did he give Impie these clothes? - 8/15

This might retroactively impact two strips back when Impie was not invited to the dinner because he had no clothes… - 9/15

Finally, Slivvers final comment about Flip knowing Santa is a funny one… but it's inaccurate. We know that Flip knows Santa; we’ve read the strips! - 10/15

So, I wonder… are we learning something about Slivvers here? Is he more than just another kid in the dreamscape? - 11/15

He plays it off as a joke that suggests Flip doesn't actually know Santa (but we know he does). So, if Flip knows Santa, than Slivvers has connections to the moon. Could that be… true? - 12/15

I mean… wouldn't it make sense for the son of the sun and a friend of the moon play together? -13/15

Before anyone says it, I know that I'm stretching this one really thin! But, as a little fun game of language, it's a potentially interesting one! - 14/15

This is my reading of "Little Nemo in Slumberland" #441. What's yours? - 15/15