Day #436: Little Nemo and the Fire that Flip Started

"Little Nemo in Slumberland" dated November 09, 1924:

Transcript of Tweets by @LittleNemo1905 (SEPTEMBER 01, 2021):

Someone, please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Bozo is one of the first truly imaginary and inventive creatures that McCay has introduced into the #LittleNemo world in an incredibly long time (10 years hiatus aside). - 1/14

Almost all of the creatures that we saw in the NY American series were based on dinosaurs and felt very "grounded" or representative of animals that once lived on earth. - 2/14

Bozo is a unique creature that feeds on dry fallen leaves and does so only once a year. His massive red orbed eyes, huge (seemingly) hairless body, and large yellow hooves make him very unusual. - 3/14

It really is a nice change of pace to see McCay return to his roots in creature creation. Bozo feels like he would be at home with all of the wondrous beasts that McCay has created in the original #LittleNemoInSlumberland series (1905-1911). - 4/14

Even though there isn't much more going on here, this was a very welcome strip. - 5/14

I do wonder why Flip is the one in charge of driving/riding Bozo across the lawn for clean-up duty. This seems like a job that a royal gardener or so other attendants would do. - 6/14

Flip seems to know much about Bozo and what he's used for… has he taken a job with the palace during the 10 years hiatus? - 7/14

Either way, Flip's insider knowledge about the process seems to speak to activities within Slumberland continuing beyond Nemo's dreaming hours… if it didn’t, how would he know something Nemo doesn’t? - 8/14

The fact that McCay is playing with these dream dynamics again is also very welcome. I believe we went all of the NY American series without this dynamic in play, so bringing it back here makes for some interesting theorizing… - 9/14

It’s also interesting that this chaos is undeniably started by Flip. Impie (thankfully) can't be blamed for the trouble that ensues. - 10/14

When Flip slips off of Bozo, he drops his cigar into the dry autumn leaves and the fire erupts. Pills joke (timed quite well the panel before the fire starts) is placed in the perfect spot to make readers laugh and then worry in an instant. - 11/14

Blutch also continues to tag along with our group, yet is rarely even acknowledged. We still have no idea how he joined the group or any of his background (beyond what we learned in the bubble gum incident). - 12/14

I'm hopeful that we will learn more about Blutch at some point. Flip's canine pal is a fun addition to the group, but if he is simply there to follow them around then what is the point? - 13/14

This is my reading of "Little Nemo in Slumberland" #436. What's yours? - 14/14