Day #400: Impie Starts an Avalanche on the Cannibal Island

"In the Land of Wonderful Dreams" dated September 14, 1913:

Transcript of Tweets by @LittleNemo1905 (JULY 21, 2021):

Today marks the completion of our (thankfully) short trip to the Lilliputian Zululand and is a little less complicated than the two that came prior. - 1/11

That said, the Lilliputian Imps have played absolutely no role in this series other than to be conquered or used. It's disappointing, but very unsurprising, given what we know about #LittleNemo's handling of race and it's historical position. - 2/11

This strip still blames Impie for the trouble caused as he slips (with no apparent cause other than slipping on the snow while he is standing still…), destroying the Lilliputian Imp homes in the process. - 3/11

The group is then picked up by the ship and leaves them to clean up the mess left by these inconsiderate giants… now kingless (which is likely a blessing, to be honest) and forced into a massive reconstruction… - 4/11

The strip seems to care very little for the insanity that the group causes this small island… it is clear that their experiences and ways of life are less valued than those of the other Lilliputians. - 5/11

I'm also less than excited about the Princess' situation in this strip. - 6/11

This is (I think) the first time that it has been suggested that Pill has the power to veto a choice she'd like to make… I know he is there as a chaperone, but I didn't know that she was under his authority. - 7/11

The fact that McCay writes the Princess as playing into Pill's concerns troubles me. He "worries" that she will not be able to make the climb and then, for 4 straight panels, has her complain in some way about the climb. - 8/11

This is such a contrast to how I've viewed the Princess in the past; strong, independent, capable, and determined. It irks me to see her presented in a way that contradicts that characterization. - 9/11

Pill's smug "that's what I was afraid of" makes it even worse… - 10/11

This is my reading of "In the Land of Wonderful Dreams" #400. What's yours? - 11/11