Day #397: Flip Lands a Whale on the Shores of Lilliput

"In the Land of Wonderful Dreams" dated August 17, 1913:

Transcript of Tweets by @LittleNemo1905 (JULY 18, 2021):

If the gang is to be believed, this is the last strip that will be taking place in Gulliver City (though I'm pretty certain that we will remain in Lilliput for a few more strips). - 1/4

That said, I figured this was one of my last chances to get a threadless strip in on the Lilliput series, so here it is! - 2/4

One pointed question that I might ask first though, is how (if at all) this strip effectively wraps up the series that we've been participating in for almost 25 strips? Is it just another in the series or does it do anything else more interesting? - 3/4

What is your reading of "In the Land of Wonderful Dreams" #397. - 4/4