Day #396: The Runts Succeed in Getting Rid of Flip

"In the Land of Wonderful Dreams" dated August 10, 1913:

Transcript of Tweets by @LittleNemo1905 (JULY 17, 2021):

And thus ends the reign of the usurper, King Flip of the Runts. - 1/14

I must say, these Runts succeeded in one strip where Doctor Pill failed over and over and over again… honestly, I think that is the funniest part about this strip. - 2/14

Nemo's time at Hearst's NY American began with literally dozens of attempts to abandon Flip that all fizzled out spectacularly… the Runts try one plan and he's out of their hair? Amazing! - 3/14

Clearly, they are a much more competent group of people than we originally gave them credit for… was Flip's victory in the war nothing but dumb luck and bravado? - 4/14

The Runts plan is simple… send Flip and the boys up in a balloon and then pull the bottom out from under them while they're above Lilliput. - 5/14

With the string attached at the bottom, it's like a big massive kite (and you know, kite flying is their national sport!)! They do fall from quite a height, but thankfully they land at the beach! - 6/14

It's interesting that by getting rid of Flip, the Runts are also able to pay back the Lilliputians! When the boys land in the water, it causes a massive wave that splashes all the way up the stands, soaking and causing chaos for all the people there. - 7/14

I love the flat faced reactions from the Princess (holding the Lilliputian Queen) and Doctor Pill (holding the Lilliputian King) as they arrive. It's like complete shock… - 8/14

Considering Flip's temper, I also find it fascinating that he accepts being deposed so easily… he consoles himself with material objects (his crown), but decides that he'll leave the Runts alone. - 9/14

This is a bit out of character for our persistent friend… it makes me believe that McCay has something else in mind and wants to move on from this. I wouldn't be against that either, to be honest… the Lilliputian series is beginning to wear on me. - 10/14

I will note that even though we've been in Lilliput for quite some time now, the narratives have all been fairly individual which has made this one of the more bearable (even if it is also one of the longest) series' in #LittleNemo. - 11/14

I'll mention again this week that McCay's selection of spatial organization is quite well done here, again. The tall vertical panels permit us to see the kites flying in the background and watch as the balloon rises. - 12/14

In the bottom tier, the first vertical panel allows us to see the height of the beach stands before the large penultimate panel shows off their absolute soaking. The balloon flying back to the Runts in the top right is also great. - 13/14

This is my reading of "in the Land of Wonderful Dreams" #396. What's yours? - 14/14