Day #386: Flip is Made Duke of the Lilliputians

"In the Land of Wonderful Dreams" dated June 01, 1913:

Transcript of Tweets by @LittleNemo1905 (JULY 7, 2021):

This strip just feels like another excuse to dump on Impie… even if it is Flip and Pill who actually takes a dumping… - 1/17

Now, don't get me wrong… he's being a mischievous little scamp for taking that pipe and redirecting the water into the chimney of Flip's new castle… but do you blame him? - 2/17

Over the past few strips we've seen and talked about how Flip has turned on Impie as a reflection of his newfound status as "Commisioner" and now "Duke" of Lilliput. It's understandable that Impie might be feeling a bit left in the cold. - 3/17

He's been excluded from the Slumberland palace, he's been excluded from the Lilliput palace, and now he is excluded from Flip's castle/coronation? The coronation of the other character who has shared the same or similar exclusions as he has? - 4/17

That's some straight up not cool behaviour, Flip… not cool at all. - 5/17

So, I don't really blame him for wanting to pour some cold water on the proceedings, myself. It makes a lot of sense and feels purposeful to me (even if it is very probably unintentional). - 6/17

Again, it's all used as an excuse though. Pill twice uses racially charged insults towards impie (the most egregious one being in panel 11) and Flip is ready to wallop him again. All this to elicit laughs from the readers? - 7/17

I'm actually quite grateful for Nemo and the Princess who *both* decide to stand up for Impie here… Nemo even puts himself between Flip and Impie, which is really quite impressive. - 8/17

As a side note, I'm finding more and more that Nemo's passivity is waning… he may not be the centre of the action anymore, but over the last few strips I would certainly not call him passive. - 9/17

I'm wondering here as to whether the fairly consistent criticism of Nemo's passivity in the later years is overstated because he loses his centrality to the narrative or because his passivity returns/intensifies? - 10/17

I mean… Is it possible that the criticism is largely founded upon a conflation of his narrative status with his narrative action? - 11/17

Again, I've never read the strips in chronological order, but I *do* remember feeling as though his passivity is justified in the handful of later year strips that I have read… I suppose that's a "wait and see" situation for now, though… - 12/17

Now, to Flip. I think it's interesting that he is so enamoured with the idea of being royalty in Lilliput… he's already royalty in Slumberland?! - 13/17

This is, of course, unless his relation to the Sun and the Dawn Guard has been retconned with the move over to Hearst's paper… we've talked about this before. - 14/17

Either way though, one could argue that even if he *is* still Slumberland royalty, he's never been treated as such. So, the opportunity to have what he's always felt deserving of, but never received in his homeland, might be appealing. - 15/17

The Princess says, "How proud Flip is," which reinforces the importance of the moment for him. At least in my reading, part of Flip's upset comes from the fact that his special moment was ruined. - 16/17

This is my reading of "In the Land of Wonderful Dreams" #386. What's yours? - 17/17